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Anitha Selvakumar |
Hi, ovre palkarnu askethenu souriyemya? ame paramakudi m re atho singapore m sethe.
10 January 2007 - Singapore

Sathiamurthy |
I wanna get registered
9 January 2007 - India, Madurai

RubiniDhanakumar |
hi all
wishing u a happy&prosperous newyear 2007
4 January 2007 - kuwait

Radhika |
Hi All.
3 January 2007 - India

yogeswaran J K |
kai sangethe meni kalarani.
30 December 2006 - Singapore

kr sandamoorthy |
Extremely happy to note our website. i am from madurai settled in chennai. i wish all sourashtrians in the world a very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR 2007
29 December 2006 - chennai

Asho Kumar |
Hi to all
28 December 2006 - Sydney, Australia

Ramprasad KRS |
Hai Askithenu souriyam ken rano!! Mee Newzealand um saethae.Koanthi yeat sethayaa meni kalallathoo aastha podariyaaa. Raghu thadhaaan kerriyaa yella motta kaamukk (ella website) meee jukku mechariyooo.
28 December 2006 - Wellington, NewZealand

Uthayakumar Kuttua |
Hi,Nice to getting back to this site. I feel very happy to see lot many Sou.members signing in this guest book.Wish all members a wonderful & prosperous New Year 2007.
27 December 2006 - Rajkot, Gujarat

mathan lal |
one big hai to all sourashtriens who are all using this site.
25 December 2006 - madurai

vishnu vardhan |
23 December 2006 - singapore

thirukonda vignesh doss |
Hi Nice to msg u all
How r u?
Hats off to Mr. Ragu Thirukonda
21 December 2006 - Bangalore

gokul |
hi this is gokul from madurai. very happy to see thAt we have this wondrful site.
21 December 2006 - now at chennai

vikram |
hi to all
19 December 2006 - US , FLORIDA

J Senthil Kumar |
Hai advance happy new year to all our Saurashtrians
18 December 2006 - T.Nagar, chennai

Srinivas |
I would like to know the sourashtrians who r have settled in chennai
16 December 2006 - Chennai---> Hitech City

Madhan |
Hi.Is there any Palkars studied/studying in (BIT) Anna University Trichy.
Also people who studied in Harvey English School.hmmm. yea of course i m remembering my childhood.
Keep in touch friends
16 December 2006 - Chennai

prabhakaran kuttuva |
I am happy to see this web site. Our community students are growing in knowledge and money muscle power as well. In Madurai new wish is to establish Sourashtra Chamber of commerce & industry consisting of business communtiy from Madurai, Salem, Trichy and Kumbakonam??? how is the proposal!!!
15 December 2006 - Madurai India

HI to all.I am trying to find my friend VIJAYA RANI.She is a software engg at chennai.there is no contact from her for the last few mths.
14 December 2006 - INDIA

manika venkatesh |
asikithenu kona souriyam? me ellaku souriyam kan sae.
14 December 2006 - bangalore

ashok |
am in coimbatore.moga jukku sonthoshgan lavaras
12 December 2006 - coimbatore

Paranthaman |
Dear all,
Thanks to Mr.Ragu Tirukonda. My native is thanjavur. Now in chennai.
7 December 2006 - In

Sourashtra Friends Club |
AskiThenKo Namaskar
--------------------------------------Sourashtra.IN Gettogether in Bangalore
on Saturday, Dec 16, 2006

Check for more details.
7 December 2006 - India and Worldwide

GA Rajeswari |
kaalus elle website pathi aikkinipodithe, paruvanhee elle onde chokkad kaamus
6 December 2006 - India

Thakku Ramachary Surendranath |
Aski sourashtra mottanuk namaskar.
me madurai wuji wodetheno.atho madrasum
more nowri,pillal seradi sethay
5 December 2006 - Chennai

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