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karthik |
18 February 2007 - kumbakonam

krsuresbab |
i am sourastra i want to meet sou guys
17 February 2007 - india

Ravichandran |
i am sowrashtra from salem. now only i saw the palkar site. i am very proud for this.
16 February 2007 - salem

srikumar |
hi every one
15 February 2007 - madurai

14 February 2007 - WHOLE WORLD

Satheesh Rajendran |
Hi happy to see this webpage. have a nice day to all sowra. fellows
10 February 2007 - Bangalore

10 February 2007 - INDIA

Veena |
Nice to see U All.
Askin Souriyamya?
9 February 2007 - Chennai

kamesh |
9 February 2007 - india

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Sathish |
Hello, aski thenu kone sey? moka mulli illea sitem join kenno meny lakarathey, thellaka mee kai kenno meny sankuvo
8 February 2007 - Chennai

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shiva prakash |
hi palkars!
Its a sweet surprise to know about this site!!!!!
Hats Off!!!
6 February 2007 - salem

senthilkumar |
i want see the message,
4 February 2007 - srinivasan

Webmaster comments   What message?????????

ashok |
i would love to join this site
3 February 2007 - coimbatore india

Murali |
Hi to all. I know so many sourashtras are in Software Industry. I am at chennai working in a software company. Please help to shift to Madurai if anyone working at HONEYWELL.
3 February 2007 - Chennai

prem |
Hi all
3 February 2007 - Bangalore

Venkatesh Thurvas |
Palkarnu aski sowreamya,jukku sonthosh awrae menkan kucchi ella website chatae
2 February 2007 - Mumbai

anantharaaman |
want to chat with our our people
1 February 2007 - kanchipuram

Sugadev Srinivasan |
Hi all,
Any palkar from Scotland, UK???
29 January 2007 - Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Kannan |
Hi, elle bhulog'm sete aski sourashtrians'g namaskaram.
25 January 2007 - New Delhi

Murali |
23 January 2007 - India

senthil chennai |
hi palkars, it gives me immense pleasure to know that web site is there for sowrastra, all the best wishes for this site.
22 January 2007 - Chennai, TN

sudha ajay |
aski thenu sauriyam ya . mogo awre site sethe meni kalayi jhukku sontosh.
18 January 2007 - california

Prakash N K |
askithengo namaskar, ella bologum sethea sourashtran askithengo nova vosu subkam angun pongal valthu sangatho mi jukku perumai kan lavaras
17 January 2007 - perundurai, erode, india

Badhan R Venkatesan |
Hi all,

Wish you a happy Pongal. Enjoy the holidays.
14 January 2007 - Washington, DC

Ragu |
Happy New Year and pongal everyone.

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14 January 2007 - Wichita, KS

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