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Please try to write in your mother tongue - Sourashtram. Then only we will feel as though we are talking face to face.
ruvvo muyarcci keri savo. teka paaDu avDai.
10 February 2006 - INDIA-MADURAI.

kumaresh |
9 February 2006 - india

Good work keep it up.
8 February 2006

Madhan |
Hi this is madhan. Interested in making friends
6 February 2006 - Chennai

Jembu T.Nandha Kumar |
To find bride
5 February 2006 - Tanjore

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Sriram.S |
Hello friends! It is a very nice try. Please keep improving.
5 February 2006 - Tirunelveli

aravind. |
askinav namaskar
4 February 2006 - india

eshwar |
hi all
2 February 2006 - USA

Ragu Tirukonda |
Testing the guest book. Your entry will be added only after verification. So add only once. Thank You.
1 February 2006 - Wichita, Kansas

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