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Balaji N K C |
Askithengo NAMASKAR! Palakr sanathikkam Jukku sonthoskan lavaras
6 February 2008 - space

Webmaster comments   Lots of "space" in your head???

Latharaj |
Hi! Im a sourashtrian trying to establish our community, since im in event management field. Friends, who like to publisice our language pls do revert me!
6 February 2008 - Bangalore, India

Ashokkumar |
Namaskar to all palkars
5 February 2008 - Ponneri

Srinivas muddan |
hi to all.
4 February 2008 - Bangalore

Gujilan Ramesh |
hi guys, be proud to be an sourastrian. we are always one step ahead to all. all the best to all for all. coool
4 February 2008 - India, Tamilnadu, Trichy

laguduvamahendran |
hi, aski thenga muthullo moro namskar. me auro menkan senkadi jukku palakam thoulno meni sario.
4 February 2008 - madurai

prakash |
i want sourashtra letters download my computer. i learning sourashtra language
30 January 2008 - india(tamilnadu)

gr kubendran |
hi palkar friends any one in ahmedabad
29 January 2008 - india

rajasankarlal |
aski thenu santhoska raano
29 January 2008 - rasipuram

m.premnath |
hi my palkar friends,this is premnath from salem.i am an sowrastra.
28 January 2008 - salem

suman |
hi i am suman from bangalore
26 January 2008 - karnataka

kupendran |
26 January 2008 - paramakudi

Santhosh |
hai to all sourashtrian
, hai anyone from Bangalore or trichy? contact keruvoo,mail thadduvoo Bye
25 January 2008 - Bangalore

22 January 2008 - BHILAI

Radha K H Molkan |
I am entring this site 1st time, very nice to see, hope this page will help lot of sowrashtra community peopls, I am looking for some allenaces.
21 January 2008 - Bangalore India

balaji |
hai to all sourashtrian
19 January 2008 - madurai

Venkatesh |
Happy pongal to all sourashtra guys
16 January 2008 - India

Mahalakshmi |
Hi I need a help. Am certified SAP SD consultant looking for job in India but am fresher to SAP. Thanks in advance. I wish u all a happy new year and pongal.
14 January 2008 - Singapore

Dinakaran |
Hai Everybody I very happy to visit this site. And I wish you Happy new year 2008 and Happy pongal to all sourashtra members.
12 January 2008 - Chennai

12 January 2008 - CHENNAI

Rameshbabu |
12 January 2008 - chennai

b.prabhu |
hai to all our sourashtra guys wish u happy new year and advance pongal wishes. "novo varusham chokat varsham ka amaichatha pirov podarisi."
11 January 2008 - chennai

ArunPrasath MS |
Aski Mottanuk Nannanuk Namashkar. Mi madras m saythey. Konthi singapore m rhiyath moko kaladuvo. mi singapore k ji job try keraingan meni saythey.
9 January 2008 - chennai, tamilnadu

senthil kumar |
astkithengo happy new year and pongal wishes
9 January 2008 - chennai

krishna |
We very proud to have such a development in our community. My Best wishes to the composers of this website
8 January 2008 - thirubuvanam

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